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I will begin with as brief a description their case.  It is complicated, sometimes sexually graphic and morbid, but it is necessary to understand the horrendous extent of the abuse of this young, learning-disabled girl.  What would of happened to Kareena if her family and friends had not been able to afford to prove her innocents?  Be vary aware of Utah cops and prosecutors.

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Kareena, had reported being sexually abused by a young man named Matt Jaroscak, (CJC Oct -Nov 2002 Interview with Detective Rod Mosher "Sex Crimes" Salt Lake City Police Dept.).  Later, detective Mosher FORCED  Kareena to take a polygraph.  The person operating the polygraph said she passed with flying colors.  Detective Mosher said she had not, and the recordings were destroyed.  Detective Mosher filtered though personnel until he found those he could manipulate into working against Kareena and for the protection of the Jaroscak family which will become clear.  Cops protecting cops.  After all, what is the life of an handicapped female child compared to the lives of family of cops and a school teacher.

She was 11 and Matt Jaroscak was 16 when he started showing her pornography and sexually abusing her.

She went to Paul and Debbie Jaroscaks residence when she was 12 years of age. She told them that she keeps asking their son Matt to stop, and when he wouldn't. She thought they would be able to make him stop because Paul is a Sheriffs Deputy with Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office and Debbie is a schoolteacher. This attempt for help did not work. So much for looking for help from the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office.

After Kareena talked to them in their home, she went home and told her parents about it. Paul, the father of the abuser and Sheriffs Deputy, called her parents and tried to intimidate them with a vicious verbal attack.

Kareena told her Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints - the LDS religion - (who also worked for the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office). He told her to repent and not to do it again, as if the sexual assaults by someone older than her, and the son of a friend of his, was her fault.

Kareena then wrote a suicide note, TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITY. It ended up in a Middle School Counselors hands.

The Counselor called her mother and they talked to Kareena. Her mother took her for a physical to her Pediatrician. He talked to Kareena with her mother present, and in private. He reported in his medical records that Kareena, 12 years of age, had a 17-year-old male sexually abusing her and it was causing friction in the home.

Her parents called the Salt Lake County Sheriffs office and reported what Kareena had told them. They were assured that the abuse would be dealt with and stopped. They lied.

None of the adults Kareena reported abuse to report her complaints to authorities.

Kareena felt helpless, and lived in fear.

A few months later David Jaroscak, another Jorascak sibling, took Kareena from the Sandy Branch Salt Lake County Library to a LDS Church parking lot near Park Lane Elementary and sexually abused her. He told her it was punishment for telling on his little brother Matt, and getting him in trouble with his dad, the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Deputy.  He also told her that even though she "had told all these adults, they couldn't stop me today! I can get to you anyhow, anywhere, anyway!" He threatened to hurt her and her family ( Kareena has 4 sisters ) if she ever told like she had on his brother Matt Jaroscak.

Dave Jaroscak graphically violated Kareena who was then 13 years old. (CJC 2004 Interview with Detective Rod Mosher Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Detective).  Kareena  believed  his threats, and the fear and terror intensified.

David Jaroscak was at that time 19 years of age. (He had been delayed for a couple of months from going on his mission for the LDS Church due to some sexual misconduct with a girl of his age who lived his neighborhood).  David Jaroscak is at present a Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy.

In January 2002, Greg Smith, best friend of David Jaroscak, was 4 months short of his19th birthday. He took Kareena from the closed campus of East Mont Middle School.  And they ended up at a neighborhood park.  Greg told Kareena that he had developed feelings for her, and that he  knew that she was being abused by his friends Matt and Dave Jaroscak.  Greg Smith wanted Kareena to think he liked her. If he could make her think he liked her, could have his way with her without her telling anyone.

Matt Jaroscaks 19th birthday was on February 2, 2002, he left on a Latter Day Saints Mission in April 2002.  The week before reporting to the Latter Day Saints Mission Training Center,  Matt Jaroscak took Kareena to Buttercup Park, and sexually abused her again.  Matthew Jaroscak is now a Utah cop assigned to Protective Services - good fit?

Matt He told her he was going on a mission.  Matt He told her how stupid she was.

In May 2002 Kareena was taken to her Pediatrician for severe headaches.  The Doctor did an extensive exam and ordered head x-rays.  He gave her samples of pain medications for her headaches and talked to her about "weight gain being a part of adolescence".  Kareena didn't understand due to her IQ, so he just patted her on the knee and said "Honey, its just your age!" Her response was "then I don't want to be my age!"

She responded well to the medication and several months went by with normal periods.  The night of September 4th, 2002, her period started again.  She had had a period 2 weeks prior. The cramping gradually intensified and her Aunt, a registered nurse, gave her Advil and had her take a hot bath to alleviate the discomfort of the menstrual cramps.

In severe discomfort, Kareena went to bed.  Several hours later, when she went into the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Already delirious from blood loss, and pain, Kareena delivered a premature stillborn baby boy. Imagine what that would have been like for a girl of her age, IQ, and no idea what pregnancy is.

Kareena nearly bled to death. The paramedics were called, and she was taken to Alta View Hospital.  More than two hours passed before the ER personnel checked Kareena vaginally. The paramedics failed to check her at all.

Her Aunt, a registered nurse, checked and that was when a modified ultrasound was ordered.  Kareena was on an IV and after the ultrasound tech finished getting her pictures, she left the room for a few minutes to review her films.  The last thing the tech said was "The good news is there is no baby in there!"

As the door closed behind her mother saw a stricken look in Kareenas eyes. That was when Kareena began to understand that what she thought was a tumor, was really a baby.

This was several hours after the trauma in the bathroom.  (It is well to note that Kareenas oldest sister had a sacroccoxygial teratoma that was removed when she was 4 months old at Primary Children's Hospital in September 1984.  It was a twin that had stopped growing sometime after conception. Kareena and her sisters grew up with this story.

In an extreme state of delirium and confusion due to near fatal blood loss, Kareena tried to tell her mother what had happened in the bathroom and that she thought it was a bad dream.

She called her sister, the Registered Nurse and she went to the house and retrieved the little body and brought it to the Hospital.  Kareena had placed it on the only horizontal shelf available, which was the windowsill.  She did this while she believed it to be a tumor, and bleeding heavily.

There was never movement or signs of life. There was no subcutaneous fat on his body and the skin just hung. It was the color of the tumors she had seen pictures of.

In his medical notes, Dr. McNally indicated this was a miscarriage.

Karen Camp, the Nurse on duty, indicated that there was no Morgue on site so the police had to be called. Kareenas mother said she would call, but Nurse Camp got a little huffy and said it was her job and she would call. Her mother said that was fine, because they had to find out who was responsible for Kareenas pregnancy.

The news media was at Alta View Hospital covering a gang related stabbing that had taken place that night. When they heard about "the girl who buried her baby" it prompted news reports for 2 days with Kareenas home and address on the news.

Just hours after nearly dying from this horrific experience, with tremendous blood loss and pain, added to her learning disabilities and IQ, Detective Craig Roberts of the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office came to Kareenas' room. Her father, who had been up for nearly 30 hours without sleep and was himself, traumatized, and in shock, was in the room with her.

Detective Roberts read Kareena her Miranda Rights. She thought he was saying that she had to remain silent about her experience forever. She asked about talking to her friend who's name is Miranda Smith. I can't talk to my friend?  Detective Roberts hesitated and then nodded his head yes. He wrote in his report that "Kareena gave up her rights".  There was of course no way Kareena could give up her rights.  She had absolutely no idea was the cop was talking about.  That's the kind of cops we have in Utah folks.  Be afraid.

There was no way Kareena could possibly understand her Miranda Rights.

Kareena was charged with FIRST DEGREE MURDER…
Thus began the next phase in the lives of this traumatized family!

Planned Parenthood, politicians and teen mom experts were interviewed. Kareenas family received death threats and sexually explicit messages regarding their 5 daughters. Their home became an unsafe to live, and they had to move.

Almost 6 years later. They were in Judge Lindsleys Courtroom, where, as a new Judge, she was clearly untrained and biased by her years as a Prosecutor. Eventually, SHE ALLOWED destruction of evidence, harassment of law abiding citizens, and perjury by the prosecutors and police.  Kind of like what ever it was going to take to protect the kids of her friends and those she worked with.  What is the life of one mentally challenged girl compared to the rapist's life, anyway?

{ Kareenas aunt was arrested during the Kareenas after the district attorney lied - saying that she had been ordered to appear - she had not been. She was so traumatized by the way she was arrested that she has not been able to work. }

No exaggeration.

The DA's office gave " IMMUNITY " to the Rapists of a 14-year-old learning disabled girl and refused to press charges against the adults Kareena had reported to.

No exaggeration.

Kareena was pressured to take a polygraph test that verified she was telling the truth. Polygraphs are never done on children under the age of 18, but it was done to her. When you add learning disabilities, the outcome is even more likely to be unsubstantiated. The DA documented that she was on the deceptive side. She answered one question deceptively - "Is your name Kareena?"

The DA refused to press charges against the men who sexually abused Kareena and they refused to press charges against Nurse Karen Camp for false police reports and privacy violations and false medical records. Keep in mind that Matt and David Jaroscaks father is a Salt Lake County Sheriffs Deputy, their mother Debby is a schoolteacher, and Nurse Karen Camp works for Alta View Hospital. Plus there is Detective Craig Roberts of the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office who worked with the father of two of the guys who sexually abused her - reading Miranda Rights to a barely conscious young girl on IV drip, and was clearly not capable of understanding her rights.


At the Court of Appeals, they raised the question of plea bargains for minors who can't sign contracts. Eventually they were successful in a Writ of Certiorari to the Utah Supreme Court.

It was determined by that Court that Rule 25 was unconstitutional. Changes are being addressed. This case was remanded back to Juvenile Court and was assigned to Judge Andrew Valdez.

Finally a voice of intelligence, integrity and Wisdom! Narda Beas-Nordell and Lohra Miller requested Judge Valdez to "Certification for Criminal Proceedings". This attempt to certify Kareena as an adult and proceed to abuse her more at taxpayer's expense is outrageous. On February 27th 2008, 5 days before Kareenas' 21st birthday, Judge Valdez dismissed the Case with Prejudice.

After years of sex abuse from those the men, and five and a half years of abuse in the Utah justice system, has it finally ended for Kareena? Probably not.

All of those involved in the sex abuse, torment and wrongful prosecution of Kareena need to be held accountable.

How many other people with disabilities have, are, and will be subjected to the abuse that Katreena has suffered by these same people, and others like them in similar positions.

Public Sources:
a. Deseret News - Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - Linda Thomson author

a. David Jaroscak - Sheriff's Deputy for Salt Lake County.
b. Matthew Jaroscak -  We believe he was a Sheriff's deputy.
c. Gregory Smith - DNA tests show him as the father, is in Federal prison on unrelated charges.

a. David Yocom District Attorney.
b. Prosecutors - Paul Proctor - South Salt Lake City, Utah
c. Michael Owen Zabriskie - Juvenile prosecutor
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a. Paul Maughan a close friend of Michael Owen Zabriskie dismissed the charge of masturbating in public, and prosecuted to witness for witnessing the act.
b. Lindsley, allowed destruction of evidence, harassment of law-abiding
citizens, and perjury by prosecutors and cops.

UP DATE ! ! !

A judge gave the County Attorneys office 30 days to return evidence to the family.

A spokes person for the County Attorneys Office, Alicia Cook, told reporter Lorry Pritchard from KSL television  that they wanted to keep those items incase they wanted to charge someone else.  This was a blatant attempt to scar the family away from the civil suits and negate criminal charges against the officers and others involved in the arrest and prosecution of Kareena, some of which are already in the courts.

Some of the key material taken from Kareena as evidence against her was not returned as ordered by the court because the cops and County Attorneys office said it could not be found.  Coincidently, this same material can be used in by Kareena's Attorneys in legal proceeding against those who prosecuted her.
UPDATE 7-4-2010
Kareena's family was told the body of the infant was cremated and buried in an Angel plot in Lindon, Utah.  One more coverup lie.

Linda Gygi at the Salt Lake City crime lab was told by Mark Christensen, a district attorney, to have the body cremated.  There was no proper paper work, and by immediately cremating the body there could be " NO " confirmation autopsy by the defense.  Why?

Alan Mellor the funeral home owner,  lied to through the defense off the trail.

After eight years of searching, Kareena's mother finally located the ashes at Deseret Mortuary. Deseret Mortuary had the cremation done at a facility in Utah County even though they could have performed the task themselves.  Shuffling the body around made it harder to trace.

The family will have funeral services 8-5-2010.

Detective Rodney Mosher of the Salt Lake City Sex Crimes Division forced Kareena to take a polygraph.  If she refused to do so, they would not persue a sexual assault investigation against Paul Jaroscak-( who later became a Salt Lake County Sheriff's deputy ).  This was done even though she was only sixteen.  They also knew she suffered from a diminished mental capacity, had been subjected to all of the police intimidation tactics and was vary much in distress from the miscarriage and criminal proceedings they had subjected her to over the previous few years.  That is a perfect example of the kind of cops we have in Utah.  Be afraid.


Dennis Lingmann was convicted by a jury of conspiring to murder Katreena and her entire family  because  he was  previously sentenced to up to 35 years in jail for having sex with the then 14-year-old.

This is possibly the last update / 2-12-2014

The Utah Supreme Court ruled the Mormon Bishop " Douglas Walker " was not liable because he had no legal requirement to report the raping of Kareena.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney paid Kareena a small sum in reperations because  Detective " Craig Roberts " with held evidence which would of exonerated Kareena at the ver beginning.  Not much considering the grief Kareena and her family suffered through all of this injustice.

" Somebody " should make a movie about this tragedy!

If you would like to help the family -  -  1-801-262-2332

If you have a story of abuse by cops, prosecutors, and / or judges please contact me
          Robert Evan Howard